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You've arrived—that's the first step. Now all you have to do is NJOY the Switch.

"If I had to pick ONE thing to say, it's that there is no right and no wrong way. There's just YOUR way, and we are only here, as people who've been there ourselves—and found our own paths to switching—to lay the options out for you and do our best to help. So be easy on yourself, have fun, and never, ever stress. Once you're having more vapor than smoke, you'll find yourself falling out of love with smoking, and into love with the unique satisfaction and benefits of vapor."

- Dougy, CEO and ex-smoker

Advice from our Switch Guides

Personalized one-to-one mentoring from our trained "Switch Sherpas," NJOY users who have successfully switched and who want to “Vape it forward.” Select a Switch Sherpa and schedule a time to connect live.

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My Switch Journey

A self-guided switch support program designed by our team of experts to make your switching process so enjoyable that you’ll actually want to do it.

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The NJoy Switch Kit

The first and only Switch Kit with an array of products so you can experiment and find the ones that work best for you.

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